How To Build a Successful Networking Marketing Business

build a successful network marketing business
So you joined a company and you’re really excited. You want to build a successful network marketing business and make lots of money. You want to build a future for yourself and your family. But you find out it’s a little more difficult than you thought it was going to be.

Perhaps you are brand new and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have been in it for awhile and are struggling right now trying to take your business to the next level. You no doubt have been told “no” multiple times and most likely gotten an ear full of negativity. You’re doing everything you’ve been told to do as outlined in the training. So, what gives?

Try not to be discouraged.. we’ve all been there. The truth is, the advice and training given by so many sponsors, up-lines, and companies today just simply don’t work very well. After people contact their family and friends (commonly referred to as your “warm market”), they don’t know where else to find prospects. If they are lucky, they may sign up a couple people out of their warm market but rarely are those people business people. These people will likely be customers only.

Network Marketing Has Low Success Rate

Did you know well over 90% of the people who join any network marketing company ultimately end up failing and quitting. Of the 10% that stick with it, only about half of them develop more than what would be considered a part time income. So only 5% of the people who join a network marketing company ever make a significant income from it. Why do you suppose this is?

Network marketing has made more people millionaires than any other business ever.  It’s also has one of the lowest entry costs which makes it possible for just about anyone to join and give it a shot. If you manage to build a successful network marketing business, you will enjoy a lot of freedom. You will have financial and time freedom for many years to come and quite possible for the rest of your life. With such fantastic potential, why is the success rate so low? What do the top 5% know and do differently then the other 95%?

First of all, before we can get even into the “secrets” of the top dogs, you must develop several prerequisite skills. These skills are absolutely critical to have if you want to have any level of success.

To Build a Successful Network Marketing Business, You Must Develop Some Skills

One of the most important things you must have is the correct mindset. It is critical you believe in yourself. You must believe you deserve success and money. Have the mindset that you are going to make your business successful no matter what it takes. Make a commitment to yourself and your business. Whatever you do, make sure your own thinking and mindset are not holding you back.

You will experience many emotional ups and downs in your journey to the top. It’s just part of it. To help get and maintain a proper, positive mindset, read books and watch videos about it on a regular basis. Your income will be directly proportionate to your personal development. I recommend you spend a minimum of 15 minutes every day just working on your mindset.

To build a successful networking business, you also have to learn how to prospect, invite, present, handle objections, close, and ultimately recruit people into the business. If you are going to retail the products, then you must learn additional skills just for that. All these skills can be learned and there is a plethora of videos and information on the web and Youtube you can learn from. Commit to continually improving these skills. I recommend you spend at least 15 minutes per day working on them.

Now onto the 2 “secrets” all successful network marketers know that most others don’t.  These ingredients separate the 5%’ers from the 95%’ers.

You’ve Gotta Have a Steady Flow of Leads

Leads are the holy grail if you want to build a successful network marketing business. As long as you continually have leads coming in, even if you make some mistakes, which you will, you will stay alive another day to try again. This is the first “secret” ingredient.

Getting leads(aka lead generation) is the direct result of marketing. You must get good at marketing. In fact, you must master marketing. So many people in network marketing are only sales people, not marketers. If you want to create explosive growth, you’ve gotta approach this business as a marketer.

So what is marketing? As defined by the American Marketing Association, marketing is a set of systems to identify, target, and ultimately turn prospects into customers. This includes research and advertising.

You Must Have Duplication In Your Team

The second “secret” ingredient is creating duplication in your team. There is only so much you can do by yourself.  Even if you are a master recruiter, you will never be able to build a team into the ten’s of thousands all by yourself. However, with duplication in your team, your team could grow into hundreds of thousands or more. It can and has been done. Teaching people to do what you do is key to creating a massive explosion in your team.

The Focus of This Website

The focus of this website is helping you develop the mindset and skills you will need to succeed. It’s also going to focus on marketing and duplication. Once you get all these systems set up and going, you will be able to build a successful network marketing business to any level you desire. Plus your systems will take care of the more mundane tasks that must be completed.

Each main topic will be categorized to help you navigate this site easily.  I hope you receive value from this site and if you do, please like and share the pages with your friends and business affiliates.

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